Quality at Houlton Regional Hospital
The MISSION of Houlton Regional Hospital:
Houlton Regional Hospital’s purpose is to provide safe, compassionate, quality, cost effective care to the communities we serve.Our resources will be dedicated towards improving the health status of those we serve through education, treatment and rehabilitation.
As stated above in our mission we are here to give quality care.To achieve this goal we have invested significant time and resources to patient safety programs, quality improvement initiatives and healthcare information technology.
We participate in the following programs –

and more . . .

Houlton Regional Hospital is pleased to announce they are on the current Preferred Hospital List effective July 1, 2012 to June 30,  2013.   We are proud of the fact that we are on the Tier 1 Preferred Level.   This listing is based on data consisting of: Quality – 40%, Safety – 30%, Patient Satisfaction – 10% and Comparative Cost – 20% and gathered by the Maine Health Management Coalition.  More information can be found at their website www.getbettermaine.org .  Insured Members of the State of Maine Employee Health Plan receive the highest level of benefits when receiving care from these preferred hospitals.