Policy:                  Smoke Free / Tobacco Free Campus

Policy:                  Smoke Free / Tobacco Free Campus


The health and safety hazards of tobacco use, or other forms of tobacco, both to the user and nonsmoker who is exposed to second and third hand smoke, are very well known.  As a community leader in wellness, Houlton Regional Hospital is committed to providing our patients, employees and visitors with a safe and healthy environment by discouraging smoking of all substances and the use of tobacco products.  The establishment of a smoke free / tobacco free facility and grounds is evidence of this commitment.

It is the policy of Houlton Regional Hospital that smoking of any substances and/or the use of tobacco products, in all forms (cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, snuff, chew, cigars, pipes and all other non FDA approved nicotine delivery devices), is prohibited in or on all property owned or leased by Houlton Regional Hospital.  This includes all facilities, sidewalks adjacent to the hospital, grounds, and parking lots. This policy also extends to all vehicles owned by the hospital and to all off-site meetings and conferences.

This policy applies to employees, medical staff, contracted workers, visitors, vendors, volunteers, students, and patients.

Signs declaring that Houlton Regional Hospital is a smoke free / tobacco free campus shall be posted at the campus and building entrances, in parking lots, on the edges of the property and in conspicuous places throughout the facility.

All events, meetings, and seminars operated or sponsored by Houlton Regional Hospital are to be smoke free / tobacco free.  Individuals or entities using the hospital facilities shall be notified of this policy.

All Employees are authorized and encouraged to communicate this policy.  This communication should be handled with courtesy and diplomacy.

All employees will be educated on the Smoke Free / Tobacco Free Policy upon hire and annually thereafter.  Any employee who disregards the policy will be subject to corrective action in accordance with our Progressive Discipline Policy. Every effort will be made to provide employees with resources for cessation treatment,  as requested.

Patients and visitors will be notified of the policy prior to arrival of during the nursing admission process, whenever possible.

Patients are not permitted to smoke in the hospital at any time.  Nicotine replacement therapy and anti-anxiety drugs may be considered by attending physicians.  Cessation resources should be offered to all patients, as needed.

Effective Date:     9/1/2015

Revised:  5/23/2017