Patient Services

Swing Beds

What is the Swing Bed Program?

 The Swing Bed Program is designed to enable the patient to “swing” from Acute Care to Rehab Level of care during their hospital stay.  Medicare and most insurances cover the cost of swing services, but individual situations will be investigated prior to admission.  Medicare requires that you have a three day consecutive qualifying hospital stay to be eligible for coverage and admission to swing bed must be within 30 days of your acute hospitalization.  Your case manager should be able to assist you with any coverage questions you might have.

 After an evaluation by our Licensed professionals, our experienced group of physicians, case managers, nurses, therapists, dieticians and social workers bring together a team that will be responsible for your care.

 Personal goals are set by you and the team members of your Swing Bed Team.  When goals have been met, you will be discharged from the program, either home or to another facility for longer rehabilitation.


 What is included?

Your stay at Houlton Regional Hospital Swing Program may include but is not limited to the following services:

  • Physician visits at least 2 times per week, more often if needed.
  • Nursing services 24 hours a day
  • Physical and Occupational Therapy
  • Activities are provided in a group and individually
  • Clergy visits if desired
  • Dietary consult
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Social Work Services
  • Pharmacy Services

What to bring with you

You will want to have comfortable clothes and shoes for walking.

Clothing that is easy to get on and off and comfortable for exercising and activities of daily living training.


Discharge from Swing Program

All discharge needs are coordinated by the case manager, depending on the ongoing care and support needed.

Appropriate information and reports are given to the caregivers involved in post discharge care.


Swing Bed Services

  • Physical Therapy restores strength, endurance and mobility; relieves pain; improves movement and function to maximize safety.
  • Occupational Therapy promotes independence through programs aimed to improving your ability to carry out activities of daily living and restore prior level of function.
  • Speech Therapy helps to regain or improve speech and communication and helps to manage feeding and swallowing.
  • Activities: Individual and group, promote independence and return to daily life.
  • Respiratory Therapy helps to manage symptoms of breathing problems (asthma, emphysema, etc.)
  • Nutrition Therapy monitors intake of meals and supplements and intravenous nutrition and evaluates adequacy of energy and protein intake to improve healing, response to stress and recovery.
  • Nursing provides daily ongoing assessment and treatment to restore you to optimal health.
  • Psychosocial Support supplies supportive counseling and social services for patients and family.
  • Comfort Care supports terminally ill patients and their families.


 The Patients We Serve

  • Orthopedics, joint repair or replacement
  • Post surgical and post medical recovery
  • IV Therapies, Central Lines, TPN
  • Wound Management
  • Stroke Rehabilitation
  • End of life care for IV symptom control and pain management 


 Houlton Regional Hospital Swing Bed Program

The Houlton Regional Hospital Swing Bed Program is designed to allow patients to return to their community to be closer to home and loved ones.  We provide physical and occupational therapy and structured activities depending on the patients needs and goals.