Patient Services

Labor / Delivery / Recovery / Postpartum


The LDRP unit is staffed by professional nurses who are specially trained in obstetric, gynecologic and newborn nursing. The physicians and nurses of the LDRP unit strive to provide the most up-to-date care of our patients in a personalized, family-centered atmosphere.




 The LDRP unit also offers:

  1. Spacious well-equipped private rooms in which expectant mothers will stay through labor, delivery and the post-partum period.
  2. Rooming-in of newborn babies with their parents, if desired.
  3. Individualized nursing care of each laboring woman.
  4. For your comfort, there is a shower in each room, and a whirlpool tub avialble for labor. Epidural anesthesia is also available for pain control in labor.
  5. Parenting education including care of new borns and the postpartum process.
  6. Lactation consultant on staff.
  7. Breast feeding classes and support group.
  8. Preparation for childbirth classes for expectant parents – taught by certified childbirth educators.
  9. Tours of LDRP for expectant parents and families.
  10. Flexible meal times are offered through our “At Your Request” room service.


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