Patient Services

What to Expect as a Surgical Patient


Prior to Your Procedure…

à If you need anesthesia for your procedure, we ask that you come for a visit with an anesthesia provider at least one week before your scheduled date.  Visits are done between the hours of 1:00—3:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.


à During your visit, we will ask you many questions regarding your health history—such as any medical conditions,  previous surgeries, allergies and any medication you are taking.  Please fill out the “Pre-Procedure Questionnaire”.


à If you have a pacemaker or defibrillator, bring as much information as you have about the device, e.g. ID card, model number.


à If you will receive drugs to make you sleepy, secure a ride home with a family member or friend for the day of your procedure.  If you do not have a ride, we will not be able to do your procedure.*


The Day Of …


à You will need to register at the front desk of the hospital. 


à When you arrive to the Ambulatory Surgical Unit (ASU), you will be greeted by one of our staff members.


à You will be taken to our changing area and given a hospital gown. 


à The nurse will then show you to a bed and answer any questions you may have regarding your procedure. 


à Your temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing will be assessed, and an IV will be started so we may give you medications.  (Children’s IV’s may be started after they are sedated)


à Once we have you all settled, we will invite one person, whom you have chosen, to wait with you until it is time to take you to the Operating Room or Treatment Room.


After your Procedure…


à When your procedure is finished, you may need to spend time in our Recovery Room.


à The Recovery Room is an intense monitoring unit staffed with nurses who are trained to monitor patients who have had anesthesia.  Here, the nurses will be checking for any possible complications from your procedure.  After surgery, it is not unusual to experience some pain.  We will do everything we can to make you as comfortable as possible.


à Due to the intense nature of the Recovery Room, nurses need to give their patients undivided  attention.  Visitors are not    allowed in the Recovery Room, with the  following exceptions:                      

         Parents of Small Children (2)

         Significant Other of C-Section Patients


à When your recovery from anesthesia is complete, you will be transferred either to an inpatient room (if hospital stay is needed) or back to the ASU (if you will be going home the same day).


à While on the ASU, you will be  monitored closely by nurses for a minimum of one hour. 


à To protect the privacy of all of our patients, only one visitor at a time is allowed to wait with you.  Additional visitors are welcome to use our waiting room located just outside the unit. 


à When the nurses are sure you are fully  recovered, they will allow you to leave.  You will be given self care instructions and information on follow-up care.


à Please Note:  For your protection, and the protection of others, we can not allow you to drive.  Any patient who has been      sedated in any way must be accompanied home by a responsible adult.


A member of our staff will call you on the first business day after your surgery or procedure to see how you are doing. 


Please feel free to ask any questions or voice any concerns that you have.  They will be taken care of promptly for you.