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Curtis Rush is HRH’s new respiratory manager

August 24th, 2017

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Curtis Rush, RRT Manager Respiratory Therapy

Curtis Rush, RRT Manager ; Naomi Mills, CNA, LPN, CRTT

January in Maine, being what it is, the day Curtis Rush arrived, temperatures hovered around minus 15degrees. Curtis, being from South Carolina, and not having been to Maine before, arrived with no coat and no windshield scraper. In spite of the 95 degree difference from what he considered “home”, Houlton soon began to feel like home. Initially Curtis worked as a traveler in the Respiratory Dept. at HRH. After a short time, he decided he enjoyed his fellow staff, other employees and the community enough to make Houlton a permanent move. Curtis brings with him his wife Bridget, two sons, Samuel & Sawyer and a daughter Sofia.  Their family has recently added a Great Pyrenes named Bella.

Curtis holds a Respiratory Therapy degree from Florence Darlington College. He is currently completing a BS in Healthcare Administration. He says that he is more than ready for the coming cold weather. .