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Service Excellence: Spotlight on Success

May 2nd, 2018

The results are in and an impressive improvement is noted in the most recent Patient Satisfaction Survey Results for the Housekeeping Department for the 4th quarter of 2017.

Our score improved 7.6% to a score of 92.5% which means 92.5% of our patients answered “ALWAYS” when asked on their survey after their discharge “During this hospital stay how often were your room and bathroom kept clean?”

Houlton Regional is a stand out performer in this composite both statewide (Maine hospitals mean score 80%) and national (mean score 75%).

We hope to maintain/improve upon this score with some new service excellence initiatives that include:

  • Manager rounding in the patient rooms.
  • Revision and personalization of patient housekeeping notecard being left for our patients in their rooms.
  • Improved accessibility to our housekeeping staff in the patient rooms.

Thank you and Congratulations to the Housekeeping Team at Houlton Regional Hospital!

Pictured are some members of the Floor Care, Housekeeping and Laundry Team:
Front row L-R (Scott Seiler, Ella Fitzpatrick, Mary Murchie and Mike Ouellette (Manager),
Second row L-R (Brent Martin, Brenda McLaughlin, Carol Reece,  April Michaud, Sherry Griffin, Lyn Mountain and Caitlin McAfee)