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Welcome to DR. Khalid M. Husain

October 2nd, 2013
Dr. Khalid M Husain, Surgeon

Dr. Khalid M Husain, Surgeon

Dr. Husain has joined the surgical team at Houlton Regional Hospital.  Dr. Husain has more than 25 years of professional experience proficient in all aspects of general surgery including open and laparoscopic procedures as well as gastrointestinal endoscopy.

Dr. Husain practiced General Surgery for 15 years in Maryland and most recently for the past 11 years practiced as Attending General Surgeon at Northern Maine Medical Center in Fort Kent, Maine.

Dr. Husain’s wife, Patricia, is a Registered Nurse.  They have two sons, Kamran and Sami, both of whom are cross country skiers with the Maine Winter Sports Center.  Dr. Husain is a current Trustee of the 10th Mountain Ski Club in Fort Kent and a former Trustee of United Way of Aroostook County.

Appointments can be made by referral from your primary care practitioner or calling Houlton Surgical Associates of Aroostook at 207-532-7936.

Please join Houlton Regional Hospital in welcoming Dr. Husain to the Community.