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Heleana Nickerson Honored

April 9th, 2013

Heleana Nickerson of Houlton Regional Hospital

Honored At the Annual Maine Diabetes Conference

Congratulations  to Heleana Nickerson for being the recipient of the 2012 Beacon Award presented at the annual Maine Diabetes Conference.  The Beacon Award Speech 2012 read as follows:

Heleana Nickerson - This year's recipient of the Maine Diabetes Educator's Beacon Award.

Heleana Nickerson – This year’s recipient of the Maine Diabetes Educator’s Beacon Award.

     Three years ago she became the co-leader, job sharing that position with Laura Gordon and exhibiting great team work.  When Laura resigned as co-chair in 2010, this person managed the conference planning process for that year without a co-chair.

She assumed a major role in all committee activities, running bi-weekly meetings for at least half of the year, sending out meeting notices and minutes, taking an active part in lining up speakers and myriad other details.  She only had help with minute taking for part of the year, but never complained.

     This past year she has had the help of Ev Beliveau as co-chair, but has still taken on the major tasks of the committee and fulfilled them in an outstanding manner.  She has always been well organized and never seems to waiver in her enthusiasm.

     By now you should know, that the winner of the Beacon Award for this year is Heleana Nickerson.”  

The Beacon Award is an award given by the Maine Association of  Diabetes Educators (MeADE) annually to a member who has made an outstanding contribution to their Chapter.  This is the 7th year this award has been presented.

 Heleana is a Licensed Dietitian and a Certified Diabetes Educator.  Heleana provides diabetes education, including insulin pump education and intensive diabetes management.  She also provides nutrition education, related to weight management, celiac disease and cardiovascular issues.  Services are available by appointment with a referral from a medical provider.

Heleana will be celebrating 30 years of employment with Houlton Regional Hospital in September 2013.