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HealthInfonet Details

October 3rd, 2012

Effective October 15 Houlton Regional Hospital will be participating with HealthInfoNet, Maine’s statewide health information exchange.

Houlton Regional Hospital will be joining 25 other hospitals in the State of Maine who are already participating with HealthInfoNet

It is anticipated that by January 1, 2013 an additional 6 Maine hospitals will be connected to HealthInfoNet, with the remaining Maine hospitals participating with HealthInfoNet by December 31, 2013


HealthInfoNet includes important information about your health.

Included in your HealthInfoNet record:                 Not included in HealthInfoNet:

Medicines (prescriptions), allergies, lab and test             Information created by a substance

results, image reports, conditions, diagnoses,                             abuse facility or a licensed mental

or health problems from your participating                                 health provider.



Your name, birth date, address, sex, phone                      HIV diagnoses and results of HIV

number, and social security number (if                              tests.

provided to your caregiver) to make sure                                  (Note: HealthInfoNet can include

your health information is entered into the                                  information that may indicate a

correct record.                                                                         sensitive health condition.  For

example: If a patient shares mental

health or substance abuse informa-

tion with a primary care provider or

in a hospital emergency room, this

information may be included and

viewed in HealthInfoNet by other

providers caring for them.

Houlton Regional Hospital will be continuing to provide additional information about HealthInfoNet over the next few weeks

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