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H. Sharon Pangburn Honored

May 23rd, 2012

Pictured are sister in laws Sharon Kenney, left celebrating 40 years of service with HRH and right, Sharon Pangburn, celebrating 45 years of service with HRH.

Sharon Pangburn was recently honored for 45 years of service to Houlton Regional Hospital at its annual Employee Recognition Banquet.

Sharon originally joined Aroostook General Hospital on School Street in the Business Office on April 26, 1967, indicating to get a job with the hospital was considered a very good job.  Sharon performed payroll duties and had accounts payable responsibilities. 

Approximately five years later Aroostook General Hospital and Madigan Hospital joined into one hospital, maintaining both sites.  At that time Sharon and the entire business office moved to the Madigan Hospital where Sharon then started performing billing duties.

Sharon recalls the subsequent move to Hartford Street as a fairly smooth transition and eventually returned to Payroll where she has remained.

She recalls very fondly many people she enjoyed working with; Lois Cumming, Stella Fowler, Lavona Varney and Martha Barton.

Sharon forms an elite trio of employees at Houlton Regional who have marked the 45 plus years of service; Sharon Pangburn, Pauline Hogan and Barbara Bossie.  When asked if it was her goal to work for Houlton Regional for 50 years, Sharon just smiled and indicated “no comment”!

Sharon resides in Ludlow with her husband, Steve.  They have two children; Janelle Lowe also residing in Ludlow and a son, David who resides in Florida.  Sharon loves to read a good book, “when she has the time”.

Congratulations Sharon

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