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May 23rd, 2012

Pictured, from the left, Judith Eastham RN, Bonnie Quint Nurse Educator and Roberta Hand, Materials Management. Judy and Roberta each celebrating 35 years with HRH and Bonnie celebrating 30 years with HRH.

HoultonRegionalHospitalhosted an Employee Recognition Banquet on May 15 at The Linneus Sno Club.  There were 69 Honorees recognizing 1005 years of service.  The following employees were acknowledged for their years of service.

Receiving five year pins were Dawn Bubar, Rebecca Cowperthwaite,BonitaMountain, Sylvia McCausland, Donna Larson, Daniel Norton, Lydia Daigle, Karla Hawksley, Michelle Rogers, Alessandro Cibic, Debra Ellis, Dolores Stoddard, Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Amy Witmer, Nora Yeager, Lauren Cote, Danielle Kenney, Alain Philibert, Alan Abar, Mark Goodale and Richard Canavan.

Receiving 10 year pins were  Shona Murphy, Tory Rouse, Olga Waddingham, Kathryn Drake, Karen Kennedy, Tracy Boyce, Joan Loendorf, Sheri Schriver, Albert Blakely, Glenna Jewell, Rosalinda Maraya MD, Mary Ann Stewart, Deanna Estabrook, Scotte Flannery and Nancy Sullivan.

Receiving 15 year pins were Thomas Moakler, Victoria Moody, Janet Myers, Shelby Stiles, Cheryl Quint, Tammy Farwell, Kimberly Hall, Jodie Gould, Angela Hannigan, Heidi Fitzpatrick, Tracy Kervin, Ellen Bartlett, Lisa Duff and Amy Botting.

Receiving 20 year pins were   Jane Dickison, Tonya York, Gail Marshall, Terri Swimm, Thomas Estabrook and Jill Hatfield.

Receiving 25 year pins were Ida Parks, Trudy O’Bar and Debra Durost.

Receiving 30 year pins were Theresa Benn, Bonnie Quint, Alane Rush and Vicki Hardy.

Receiving 35 year pins were Carmen Cyr, Sandra Skehan, Roberta Hand and Judith Eastham.

Receiving a 40 year pin was Sharon Kenney.

Receiving a 45 year pin was H. Sharon Pangburn.


 For more about the HRH Emplyee Recognition Banquest click here.